The beauty of the lotus is that it must travel through murky waters in order to blossom into it's full expression. So too must we travel through the depths of our subconscious, in order to blossom into the light of our being - this is psychodynamic spiritual awakening.

  Michael Garbe    LCSW  /Psychodynamic Therapist/Spiritual Counselor

Michael Garbe

LCSW/Psychodynamic Therapist/Spiritual Counselor

I created this website to provide a service that I searched for in my time of need and was unable to find - assistance from a helping professional with personal experience integrating the transformative experience of spiritual  awakening and spiritual awakening crisis. 

I am grateful for those individuals who I found along the way, who had the courage to share of their experience, who made the road a little less frightening, who helped me to understand that I was not alone.

This website and my work as a helping professional is dedicated to all those who helped me and all those seeking help. Thank you. You are not alone.

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